The Good and Evil of Taskboards

Everybody who ran through my training knows – I really like the idea of a Taskboard for Scrum-Teams. I even believe it is the best tool on the plannet to run a larger Scrum-Team on Product-Owner Level.

During the last couple of month I started to re-think the idea of Taskboards and one conclusion was that you do not decompose the tasks initially but only when you do the tasks.

And I observed ways to work with taskboards I would have never imagined. Why? Why is it so difficult for some teams to follow the simple rules how to work with taskboards? Maybe because there is a good and a bad aspect of taskboards.


  • It creates transparency. – Everybody knows where we are!
  • It enables collaboration, because we can work together on specific backlog items
  • The team can see what they are working on.


  • It forces everybody to think about what he can contribute
  • It shows clearly that I am not as fast as I thought
  • I have to talk in front of my peers about what I do
  • It can be seen by the team and everybody else as a strict reporting mechanism

Can you extend this list?


4 responses to “The Good and Evil of Taskboards

  1. I can’t understand the first and third bad aspects. Why “forces everybody to think about what he can contribute” is a bad thing? Why “talk to in front of my peers about what I do” is a bad thing? I even think that the third point is present in daily scrum meeting.

    – The taskboard is a social thing
    – It is faster than a issue tracker
    – It is fun.

    – you can’t query/change it from everywhere.

    Kind Regards

  2. My post about what forces people not to use the task-board as it should be used. And a lot of people find really awkward ways of using the board.

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  4. Like Marcos said, what’s the reason of I and III Bad?

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