Scrum Brunch | Vienna | 20.09.08

  • Give Food – is one pattern in Linda Risings Book: “Fearless Change.”
  • Speed Dating is a very fast way to learn others peoples interest and to find out if you want to learn more or not!
  • Telling interesting Stories is a very good way to lean some new insights from experienced people.

Combine all three ideas and you have a Scrum Brunch. An informal event to share and get new knowledge about Scrum.

The Scrum Brunch was done the first time with Jeff Sutherland and Boris Gloger in April this year. We had a lot of fun on this day and we enjoyed not only the food but also the great talk of Jeff.

This time I want to present to you two special Guests: Stacia Boderic, the co-author of “The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility” and Preben Werther. Preben has a company in Denmark: Wolf-Way. Preben will talk about hyper-produtive teamwork: the special forces.

After their talks we will have time to do our Speed Dating. You will have the chance to sit together with very experienced people of the agile community.

Oh – sure – you can eat and drink till nothing is left on the buffet.

Please sent me an email in case you would like to register.


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