ScrumMobils | Constellations

Recently I did not have enough consultants to do a huge organizational Scrum implemenation. In my desperation I found these great consultants:

They helped me to run a huge visualization project. We worked with the customer on “showing” his organizational structure by using these ScrumMobils as actors.

First we did a casting. From the 165 consultants we had in the casting 14 made it into the performance.

The customer explained then, where every actor had to stand. In which way he or she had to act: facing each other or forming a circle and suchlike.

We had a lot of fun together and after about 20 minutes this “drama” produced a  clear and telling picture. We saw what actually happend within the organization. Then we played with them in the way we wanted them to work together.  So the ScrumMobils demonstrated real teamwork.

This work is based on the concept of team constellations. Placing people in a room. Usually done with “real” people it also works with representations of the concerned people and groups.


One response to “ScrumMobils | Constellations

  1. another advantage of the ScrumMobils is that the customer can choose the “costume” to reflect the actors attitude.

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