Certified ScrumMaster Training | Vienna 17.+18. Sep 08

On my quest to re-invent the Certified ScrumMaster training to create a real learning environment I found this cool location in Vienna:

Built by an architect for his own purpose it creates a relaxed and undemanding atmosphere for our training.

In contrast to the usual locations where we perform trainings: Like hotel facilities or conference rooms in office centres this unique environment enables us to train very important aspects of Scrum:

  • Teamwork
  • Sprint planning sessions
  • Scrum in distributed environments

perform real planning sessions and experience with new ways of doing Scurm in distributed environments.

We have a large room (left) in which we will hold the plenary sessions and we have several rooms to perform the team work activities.

People who are interested in my way of running the Certified ScrumMaster training should know that this class is an experience. You will not sit on your tables a lot of the time as we will be running a huge amount of exercises in practicing Scrum.

We start sharp at 09:00 on Tuesday, and after a full day of activities we will change the location to a cooking studio. At around 18:00 we will arrive at Kochsalon. In this cooking studio, the participants and some specially invited guests will start cooking for their and our guests. Scrum-Cooking Teams will demontrate their abilities in a challenge against each other as 4 to 6 teams will show in competition who can peform best under immense time pressure.

We restart the training at 09:00 on the next day – with a retrospective of the evening and then we start our first Sprint Planning session. The preparation will have been been done by the teams the day before – so that we will be able to perform the Sprint Planning Sessions.  Later in the day, we will finalize our product.

In case you are interested drop me an email for further information.

The location in Vienna is here:


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