Scrum for the Money

When you listen to Jeff Sutherland and hear all the stories about 400% revenue increase of company X,Y, Z then you start to wonder why we do Scrum. Most companies whichI coach and train want to do Scurm because they want to make more money.  And in a business context it is usually fully correct to do things for the money. But should we do things only for the money. Godin says something about it:

No. People (most people) don’t do things only for money. There’s usually a minimum threshold that gets someone to pick a job and stick with it, but beyond that, the things we do are expressions of who we are and what we love and the impact we wish to make, not selfish acts designed to earn a few extra bucks. (No one paid you to read this post, I bet).

All other things being equal, people pick what pays the best. All other things being equal, people buy the cheapest one. Fortunately for marketers, all other things are rarely equal. People don’t all sign up to work at Goldman Sachs. Most of the meaning and activity in our lives comes from the things we do for free, or the choices we make about work, not the financial exchanges we do to support ourselves. — Seth Godin

I agree – being a ScrumMaster is nothing you would do for the money.


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