Vacation is over – Vacation starts

Good morning to all. Sorry for not writing a couple of days. I tried to do some vacation and failed. Instead of spending my vacation with everything else then work, I spent almost 60% of my holidays on reading emails, visiting customers and coaching people.

I got reminded about this again, when I was hearing to a talk of a business unit leader of a large consulting company last week. He appreciated his people for the good work they did and he mentioned that he was fully aware that his people imbalanced their “work-life” balance towards “work” too much. Another hint I became on my trip to South Africa last night. I read an article in “Die Zeit” – a German weekly newspaper. They had an article about personal coaching. I turns out that more and more people use a coach to become more productive, although top manager already spent 60hrs a week on work. They are already imbalanced. What is wrong, what makes some people work more and more and more?

There is already a market for teaching people to re-focus, to re-invent their lives. The book “The 4 Hour Work Week“, a million seller, is only the top of the iceberg. Coaching and trainings and seminar that teach you to get more sense in your life are booming. Why?

On the other hand – people in our industry work more and more and feel more and more pressure, they are anxious, frightened and they fear more and more to have an own opinion. This is a big problem – because we need ScrumMaster who are not afraid to say their opinions.

I am fully aware that I belong definitely to the people who have an overbalanced work-part. Or? I once saw Reinhold Messmer in a talk show. He was asked about his needs for holidays. He said he does not need holidays, because he does every day what he wants in the pace he can go.

For me in looked as he had found the solution: Find you own pace: first by understanding your dreams, your passions and hopes and then by understanding your own “burn-rate” to achieve it. Work on your own projects, find your wow-project (Tom Peters) and then live! Then you will always have vacation.

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