Certified ScrumMaster class in Cape Town

Have you ever done a Certified Scrum Training surrounded by BMW motor cycles in a BMW pavilion? Peter Hundermark, Certified Scrum Coach, Founder of Scrum Sense and a good friend of mine, organized the recent Certified Scrum Training I gave in Cape Town, South Africa.

26 people came to this event and became Certified ScrumMasters. We had a lot of fun. Most of the trainees had had experience with Scrum and raised very challenging questions during the class.

In this class I started to change the way I train Sprint Planning Meeting 1 and 2.  By creating a new exercise I was able to do scenario based learning. People in the class needed to build a paper prototype. I got the idea – not the exercise – from Stacia Broderick.  She told us during the Trainer Retreat in March, that she runs a huge exercise in order to train the Scrum process. Based on this spark I invented a new exercise.  People said that they liked this way of learning.
Peter Hundermark did a great job explaining how to do the strategic planning phase in Scrum. You could see how much experience he could share with the audience.

The next training in Cape Town will be in the first week of November 2008. Details will follow.


2 responses to “Certified ScrumMaster class in Cape Town

  1. Excellent and most enjoyable course. I’ve come back to work with a few pointers on what we need to do to improve our Sprints, as well as make this work in a Call Centre environment. Thanks Boris!

  2. An excellent interactive and exhausting two days. I have renewed energy for scrum. After getting a little wayward in our process, we’ve re-focused on some of the basics which has helped keep us on the right path. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to or already practicing Scrum – especially those SM’s that think they have it right.

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