Certified ScrumMaster class in Pretoria

36 people – one of the largest classes I have ever trained, with some people doing the class for the second time. In Centurion, Gauteng, near Pretoria in South Africa, we, Peter and I, trained a very experienced and demanding group of people.

They wanted to know everything!

I was very happy about an exercise I did for the very first time in a class: A scaled Sprint Planning 1 and 2 plus a full Sprint with 6 teams and a Product Owner team.  We simulated a Scrum of Scrums and with a final integrated product at the end of the Sprint.
I was so happy. It is not always easy to find a way to teach which works in reality.  Simulating a Sprint with 6 teams working on one integrated product in an exercise in a training was a challenge I was not sure would work.
But it worked and I have to thank you, the people in the class for the participation and for your commitment during the class. I am also really happy about the fact that I have found a way to come back to Johannesburg in November.

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