Looks like they still need heroes …

Looks like they still need heroes, despite the dailies, the open communications, and so on.

I got this very interesting reply to my posting yesterday. Chris’ comment hit a chord. Yes – we in the project management area try to create processes that do not rely on “Heroes”.  This was one of the most repeated statements in CMMi and project management I attended.  On the first sight that makes perfect sense –  because you  want to have a reliable stable environment that guarantees success. 

On the second view – and if you read articles like “How Pixar Fosters Creativity” there is a need for good people in creativity driven projects. If this were not be the case then everybody who used the right process could build stunning buildings, exiting airplanes, great fast cars. But for one important reason that is not the case: You need good people! You need people who know what they do.

Catmul started with this statement and he is right. Ken Schwaber said years ago – If you have a bad team in place then they will create bad software. Catmul made this point very clear – and he said that this was a teaching they had.  And – and for me this was the more exiting statement – they do one project at a time – they focus.

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