Pushing teams – demanding more than they can do.

If the team is mediocre and maybe not starting to screw it up yet but not delivering the velocity wanted, a Manager or a Scrum Master might replace some team members with more senior persons.

This comment of Chris triggers a question:

What then is the concept of judging a team completely?

Maybe we should start thinking about that in a different way. The manager or product owner wants something. He finds a team that wants to build that appliation / product for him. So why does the team not understand that they might be too slow? Why should the team not understand that they need to become better to meet a certain desired outcome?

When we do the ball-point game I do not push the team at all – I try to get a different velocity by introducing a benchmark. So the team understands that more is possible. So maybe it is not about forcing better results from the team but allowing them a clear and simple reflection of where they are on the scale of possibilities.

In “Fire Within” (Cirque du Soleil) they do not push the acrobats. They merely tell them that they do not fulfil the required standards – but they do not push. When they see that the goal will be not met by the team, they hire a different member.  Thereby not preventing the original team from keeping up.


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