Certified ScrumMaster Training in Vienna | Report

Wonderful! What a great event! So much fun! I leaned so much! The location was wonderful!

Have been some of the comments about the Certified ScrumMaster Training last week in Vienna. Thanks to Katrin Dietze. She found this astonishing flat in Vienna. To run a class in a very stylish flat was the best idea we could have. What I loved was to work with Stacia Broderick. Her insights and her experience made the training very valuable for all of us.

If you attended the training, please write a comment about your experience.

The next Certified ScrumMaster class/training in Vienna will be on the  30. and 31. of October. Language is German.


2 responses to “Certified ScrumMaster Training in Vienna | Report

  1. An exciting training! Even more than before I am convinct that Scrum is the way, but also more aware how much we (and I) will have to change.

    The location was good, the new people I have met were interesting.
    The combination of Boris and Stacia made the training even better.

    I hope we meet again, soon.

  2. The training was great, it was good to try things out right away. I know that there must be lots of changes if you want to use “real” scrum, which might be hard. Thanks Boris and also thanks Stacia for sharing your experiences and chnaging our mindset.

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