Is educaton killing creativity?

Garr Reynolds, author of the real cool book “PresentationZen” features again Sir Ken Robinson who talks about creativity.

Robinson talks in an interview about our education system. And he has very important points to make.

  • The concept of school is to train people for the industrial life.
  • The education system leave a huge area of talent out.
  • Education looks only for a specific type of people.
  • The 21th century needs people who do have a different skill set that our current school system looks for
  • Our education system does not help people to find out their true unique talent
  • People need to find out what their passions is – this will lead to their talent.
  • Talent needs specific conditions. This conditions will help the true talent to emerge.
  • Teaching – many education system do not invest in teaching. High Performance education systems like Finland and Singapore invest very much in improving teaching.
  • Hierarchy – we shall understand that there is no hierarchy in subjects. But most education systems have a hierarchy of subjects as a metaphor for their educations systems implemented in their schools.
  • Separated subjects — our education system separate topics who in fact belong to each other.
  • How are the subjects are linked together?
  • You can teach creatively!
  • Process of being creative! There is a book about how to be more creative: Out of our minds.

Sir Ken Robinson will have a new book out next year: The Elements. Check it out. It looks like it is worth to read.

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