Scrum in Brazil | An introduction in Portuguese

I do not understand everything in this slide set – but it is definitely a very good start for people who speaks Portuguese.

Please read it before you go to my class in Recife in two weeks.


3 responses to “Scrum in Brazil | An introduction in Portuguese

  1. Very good presentation! Congratulations to Igor and Marcos!

  2. Wow!

    Boris, thank you for publish the presentation here, in your blog. I must confess, the design is inspired by a presentation that you give here, in Recife, some months ago, about Scrum and CMMi. Again, thank you and thanks to Ana Roullier for share the slides with you. 😉

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Boris!

    Thanks a lot for the reference! I’ll translate it to english over this weekend, some non-Portuguese speaking friends of mine are also very interested on this presentation .. so I’ll let you know!
    See you in two weeks, in Recife!

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