Scrum Tools | | Review

Introduction: created by Knockout Apps is maybe the most intuitive Scrum Tool I know so far. It is nothing else than a taskboard.

When you go to you will see nothing as a clean and google like screen:

You can generate a URL for you project taskboard and then you click “I´m feeling Scrumy!” and within a second you get a very nice looking Scrum Taskboard.

To create a story is very intuitive – press + and to createa a task is the same: press +.

Tasks can be moved across the grid as well as stories that can be prioritized on the taskboard.

It works exactly as index cards on a real task board.

Pro Version

There is a Pro Version available that does not convince me.

You have now the possibility to use multiple Sprint-Taskboards – not a bad idea, but you can not move the stories from Sprint to Sprint.

I would have expected to have a chance to see a overal Product Backlog and from them you can easily put the stories into the Sprint.

I find 7 US-Dollar is expensive for nothing more than a secure space and multiple sprints.


I like the application – it is slime, easy to use and very intuitve. You will not be able to manage large projects or multiple Sprints with it. But for the purpose it was obviously build – a virtual task board it is definitely worth to try it.


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