What do I do with Under-Performers

Fire Someone Today! Is a cool book by Bob Pritchett about entrepreneurship. I liked it, because it has a very provocative title and he has some very counter-intuitive ideas. Firing someone when he does not perform or do not wanted to work in the way I wanted was a lesson that I needed to learn during the last years. To learn it was ok to fire him, was important for me. The good thing was – the persons I fired always got a very good new position. They have been more happy than before.

This lesson taught be to be a better ScrumMaster also. Why! I learned that sometimes the best way to increase the productivity of a team is to get rid of someone who blocks the team. Don’t get me wrong – Making someone redundant is not my first strategy when someone does not perform. But it is an option.

Translation to Portuguese: 

Despeça alguém hoje! é um ótimo livro escrito por Bob Pritchett sobre empreendedorismo. Eu gostei dele, por ter tem um título muito provocativo, e algumas idéias muito contra-intuitivas. Despedir alguém ….


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