What do I do with Under-Performers (2)

I did a training and one important topic was — what shall the ScrumMaster do with people who do not perform. The team does know that there is a person who is not able to do the job. What shall the team  do, when they do have someone who does not perform, when the velocity is not able to go up because of this person. They even had the example of a Volleyball team. A Volleyball team is lost when they do have a weak person in the team.

I do have this discussion a lot of times if I do internal trainings in large organisations. Everybody seems to know already who is in the focus and they hope that Scrum will help them to get rid of this person.

I tend more and more to the answer – “Guys you know already who you talk about – go to your manager and let him fire.”

Why do I say this? Because it stops the hypocrisy of the situation. It starts to bring the real problem to the surface. Only if it is very clear to everybody that we do have a low  performer than we can do something about it. We can sent him to a training, we can sent him to a coaching, we can talk with him what he has to improve and we can try to find a job that suits him better. 

Ken and Jeff mentioned years earlier that you will loose people when you start doing Scrum. Well – that is life.

One response to “What do I do with Under-Performers (2)

  1. A couple of months ago I wrote something about it here http://andreamoz.blogspot.com/2008/07/voting-someone-off-island-on-agile-team.html Long story short, I pretty much agree

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