In the Team we trust!

Ed Cutmill: 

  • Talent is rare.
  • Managements job is not to prevent risk but to build the capability to recover when failure occurs.
  • It must be safe to tell the truth.
  • We must constantly challenge all our assumptions and search of the flaws that could destroy our culture.

Tom Peters wrote in Re-imagine 

It’s (the New “It”) … ALL ABOUT TALENT!

That should be as obvious “by now” as the ends our collective noses.


As others have noted, the project driven, “new loyalty”-oriented New Economy follows the so-called Hollywood Model, in which one goes from one production “company” to another—seeing familiar faces at the end of each outing, but mostly working with new people on new things.  In that world, success depends on having a good rep among your peers.” — Tom Peters

And on the other hand … Ed Cutmull said, that you need to build a culture that enables trust. You need to find people who are willing to work together, who trust each other and who learn to life with each other. 

Are these different models? I do not think so – first you need good people and then you need to build a good relationship with them.  In a perfect world they would stay together (Pixar) in a non perfect environment you will move away after a project and come again together, when necessary (Peters). Both count on trust!


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