Boris in Recife – Sprint Zero

In a short visit Yesterday at a company here in Recife, Porto Digital, I was confronted with a question about Sprint Zero.

They told me that currently a long discussion about Sprint Zero and the Pre and Post Game in Scrum exists.

My simple commen to this — forget it! It has no roots in Scrum. Both ideas have been tried out 2005 till 2006 and they do not hold their promise.

Ken was against Sprint Zero from the first moment it was born. He is right. No Sprint Zeros, please. Build the most important functionality in Sprint 1. If you do not know the most important, build the functionality that is the one you think it is the most important.

Built it – create data. A Sprint Zero does not create valid data, but again only a cloud of concepts.


2 responses to “Boris in Recife – Sprint Zero

  1. Boris,

    I realize what you have said here about Sprint Zero and we discuss it when you leave the company. We even suffer with problems caused by Sprint Zero: bad acceptation criteria (because product owner missed the point about some tech researches), poorly review (nothing to show) and so on.

    Thanks for your visit and, of course, you are welcome to come back here. 🙂

  2. Hi Boris,
    Having you around was a very good opportunity to learn. The 30 minutes we spent on the meeting room, chatting about Sprint Zero and so on, were priceless. As Marcos told, when we finished our Sprint Zero, the team, the P.O. and the S.M. were all a little bit disappointed. The Team and SM were disappointed because they were not able to do some actual work and therefore, get to know its velocity. The P.O. was disappointed because after 10 days, he had nothing but hopes. But in the end, it was really good for us to have experienced that. We spent 10 days and tried the concept, and learned that it just doesn’t work. It was a great experience to have you around to confirm that! 🙂
    And yes, you’re more than welcome to come back!

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