ScrumMaster Group Recife & 24 new Certified ScrumMasters

 Ana Rouillier, Founder of SWQuality, invited us to use the new rooms of SWQuality in Recife, Brazil for launching the Scrum User Group Recife. More then 30 people followed our invitation to found this User Group. We had been very happy that Silvio Meira from C.E.S.A.R. was present also and said how important Scrum for Recife and Porto Digital is. Boris Gloger did a presentation about Scrum and why it is extremely hard to do! 

Before this event we did the Certified ScrumMaster class with Boris Gloger and Luciano Felix also in the new location of SWQuality. Luciano presented a nicely done case study about his Scrum implementation at Solver.


3 responses to “ScrumMaster Group Recife & 24 new Certified ScrumMasters

  1. Boris, this was a really nice week. Your CSM training, all the richness of our after-course discussions and the kick-off of our user group. This kind of initiatives make me feel that we’re going somewhere, and was a huge step forward for everyone in Recife and Brazil which is using or wants to lear more about Scrum. As one of the persons who wants and will make it happen, I look forward to keep in touch and have you around again in a few months!

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  3. I really enjoyed the training on Scrum occurred in Recife. I am starting to use Scrum in my company.

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