Scrum in Brazil | Porto Digital Iw

I want to show how Scrum grows in Brazil. More and more companies in Brazil start to use Scrum to increase the productivity of their teams. In this software development department the whole department runs Scrum. All four teams have task-boards and start to do the things right. They make increasingly progress because their ScrumMasters are very passionate about Scrum. And they have seen the results. 

I did an improvised coaching, because I only wanted to visit them. They are customers of SWQuality in Recife, Brasil.

 Ana wanted to show me the teams she coaches. Ana (CSM) and Igor (Certified ScrumMaster) combine the best of CMMi and Scrum. By using very interesting techniques of CMMi they are able to measure the increase of productivity. I showed the a better way of using task-boards and we had a very nice discussion about the importants of “Done.” 

They do run 4 Scrum-Teams and do they have impediments? A lot – it starts with the Product Owner, who only starts to understand Scrum and it ends with the room they live. But they improve – this counts. 

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  1. Boris,

    Names and more names:
    Boris na Provider

    Kind Regards

  2. This is great! Thanks for this. Boris

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