Ken Schwabers – Keynote – Today in Stockholm

Ken started to emphasis the importance of the “Timebox!” Ken also said he wanted to make clear that a lot of misunderstanding are currently out in the Scrum-Community. He wanted to clarify some of them.

“Scrum is a tool, a framework you can use to find out what need to do to build quality software.”

He mentioned again, it is not big. It is a small thing.

He told about the Stacy Diagram. Ken put Lean management in the complicated quadrant of the Stacy metrics. 

In an Complex environment you need a different way of leading. Ken made again, very clear that in these environments you need processes who are empirical. So Ken tied Scrum back to the start: Empirical process control.

The complicated quadrant needs to be managed by “utilize experts to gain insights. Use metrics to gain control. Sense, analyse, respond. Comand and Control.” 

Planning in Scrum: Ken explained that planning is done as “just in time”-planning.

Lenghts of a Sprint: Ken explained a new idea why 4 weeks are ok for a Sprint. You can do smaller sprints, when the need for risk reduction is higher. So you plan more – that is an increase in cost. “You pay for it!”, because of the higher planning costs.

4 legs of Scrum: interative, increments self-management teams that are cross-functional.

Current Issues in Companies. (from one of his slides)

  1. Releases take longer oand longer
  2. Releases schedule slips
  3. Stabilization at end of release takes longer and longer
  4. Planning seems to take too long
  5. Changes are hard to introduce mid-release
  6. Quality is deteriorating 

These have occurred for years, but seems to be getting worse.

These are not dysfunctions. Rather, they are the products of an organization that is finely tuned to produce them.

Change can only come one person at a time. Each ScrumMaster is responsible for the integrity of Scrum and the execution of the process, even if in conflict with the current organization.

Planning on Strategic Level: Foward looking product backlog grooming! Analysing design and decomposing the product backlog. (Investemt and a Risk because it is not 100% that we will build this.)

Definition of Done! – Ken emphasized the importants of “Definition of Done!”

How can you decide if you can do something in a Sprint, when you do not know what you want to deliver?

Create Product Backlog Items for “Undone Work!”

Sprint Planning Meeting: Ken clarified Sprint Planning Meeting 2 – He said that the Sprint Planning 2 is a real design meeting, in which we show who does what on the whiteboards. 

Daily Scrum: The ScrumMaster has the right to ask the team:

“I am not very confident that you can deliver. Show me how you want to do it!” The Daily Scrum is a brain storming is a collaboration session! 

Sprint Review: What is wrong with applause! – Sprint Review  is ment to be a very informal working session. It is about to get information. It is a collaborative session with everyone who is involved to get more information.

It was again very informative. And I was happy that I had the opportunity to hear this again!

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