Agile Contracts – An Open Project

I found on Jeff Sutherlands blog the new entry “Agile Contracts: Money for Nothing and Your Change for Free“. It refers to a project that Jens Oestergaard and Jeff Sutherland started: Agile Contracts.

I like the Vision statement that Jens posted: 


      from jeos12 on Oct 22, 2008 05:26 PM

      Our primary goal is to help organize work doing the art of the possible. In doing so we recognise that there is a need for Agile Contracts.

      I vision that we have a template for Agile Contracts that can be used in the American and European environment.

      Doing this we will be domain experts and should as such be prepared to do presentations about Agile Contracts.

If you are interested in defining an open source agile contract. Build with us.

I would like to redo this invitation. Please help us to build an agile contract, or more agile contracts that fits our needs.

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