Controlling Chaos – Scrum was designed for complex environments

Ken did again a very motivating talk during the  Scrum Gathering in Stockholm last week. I talked already about it. You can find the summery here

Ken tried to make clear again, that Scrum manages complex environments.

He referred back to an article: 

A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making”, David J Snowdon and Mary E Boone” in the Harvard Business Review, Nov 2007. (see also Stacia Brodericks comment about this article.)  I do not want to repeat again, what Ken has said, and what you can read on Stacia`s blog. 

I want to make you aware about that the business world has already understood that “usual” environments can not be managed by command-and-control. That we a type of leadership that is able to accept that and a type of leadership that knows how to manage complex systems. I believe that the Scrum Community will change the way people will be lead and systems will be managed. 

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