Cooking Certified Scrum Trainers

Last week at the Certified ScrumTrainers Retreat we had a very good social event. We cooked together. We formed teams and then, guided by a couple of very good cooks, we cooked a delicious dinner. I was impressed how good the food was we created. 

The trainer retreat was again very special as we tackled some of the puzzles  we ScrumTrainers still have. Bas worked with us on a more clear understanding about the Product Owner role in large environments. This discussion had a strong impact on the way we teach or not teach CSPO classes. I started a discussion about a mentoring program for becoming and staying Certified ScrumTrainer. A discussion that led to some good agreements amongst us and will lead to further discussion in Orlando.

Most important for me was, that the Certified ScrumTrainers start to become a visible entity in the Scrum Community. It is not anymore a The-Certified ScrumTrainer, we have a “We-Certified ScrumTrainers” now. Cool!


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