Scrum Gathering in Germany, Oct 2009

One outcome of the ScrumGathering in Stockholm, last week, was that we started to organize the Scrum Gathering in Germany 2009.

This will be an international Scrum Gathering. I expect to have Ken and Jeff, and a lot other international well known Scrum people in Germany.

I am very happy that this event will happen in Germany. The Gatherings started 2004 in Vienna. Than they went to Boulder, Boston, London, Stockholm. The next will be in Orlando, March 2009, than it goes to Brazil in May and in October we will have in Germany.

At the moment the German organization of helpers of the Gathering is lead by Krishan Mathis and Simon Roberts. They agreed on making the German Scrum Community aware about this event. The exact date is not defined yet, but it will be in Oct 2009.

2 responses to “Scrum Gathering in Germany, Oct 2009

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  2. I was wondering if there were anymore details on this event?

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