Certified ScrumMaster – The Test

The Scrum Alliance and we CSTs asked the attendees of the Scrum Gathering in Stockholm last week to test the Test that we will use from 1 January to certify ScrumMasters. It was a success and and it will help the test development team to adjust the test.

I mentioned this here in my blog to make everybody aware that we will have a more robust certification process in future. What is basically means, at this point in time. A Certified ScrumMaster class will be the prerequisite for everybody who wants to become a Certified ScrumMaster. But it will not be sufficient anymore. You have to pass an online test after the training also.

2 responses to “Certified ScrumMaster – The Test

  1. Hi Boris,

    is it planned that already certified Scrum Masters should “recertify” sometime or is there a right of continuance?


  2. Hi Boris,
    I think that this is a huge step forward, but at the same time I really, really think that CST’s and ScrumAlliance have to be very careful about what will be on this online test. The main reason I think of this is to avoid turning the CSM classes in two-day boring, boring classes – today, this classes are very dynamic and cool to attend to – at least your class were a really fun and insightful two-days lesson!

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