Scrum Tools | Scrumy Pro | Review Update |

Scrumy Pro has launch a new version with some good improvements, the tool continues very intuitive and easy to use and this new features can help Scrumy to be used by a wider market.


The first major improvement was the creation of a backlog and it’s accessible through the dashboard tab. Now it’s possible to create as many stories as you like without asssing them to a sprint. The backlog is divided in three priority levels, (High, Medium and Low), to change the priority level just drad and drop the story to the desired level, it works fine, but as I said before a simple list with drag and drop capabilities will do it even better.

Moving Stories

Now is also possible to move stories between the backlog and sprints and between diferent sprints, that makes more sense than move only tasks like in the previous version of Scrumy. So now you can create all your stories in the backlog and move it to a sprint only when it’s necessary creating a much better organization in your project.


Scrumy Pro now comes with a simple burndown chart, it is not very beatiful, but can be useful. The burndonw chart calculation depends directily from the task esimates, so pay attention to this and remember if neither your tasks or stories have estimates, Scrumy will assume the value 3 for the tasks. This not very elegant but it’s a way to enforce the estimates.


The tool remains a very easy to use and this new features makes the costs to use Scrumy Pro much more justifiable. Of course there is still room for improvement, but as long as it keeps things simple and easy, Scrumy Pro is going in a good way.


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