5 min on Scrum Tools

Most people who know me understand that I do hate tools. No! I do not hate tools. I still hope we will get tools that helps us to collaborate really.

I do not understand why a lot of tools are not done by people who really understand Scrum. Ken Schwaber mentioned 5 years ago already that these tools forces you to run Scrum in a certain way. They do not give you the possibility to do it in a way that suits your organization or your product development team. 

This week we had a Sprint Review and again – the usage of the tool was a topic. How to overcome an organizational problem that was caused by the feature lacking tool. 

Or – we do not want to estimate tasks in Scrum. Not even the old burn-down chart that Ken and Jeff introduced 10 to 15 years ago is still useful in the way it was created in this time. The only burn down chart that make sense is the one that is based on the amount of features you have done. If you do not believe me – Ken showed us in his presentation in Sweden the new way: The feature burn-down. 

Most tools forces us to enter tasks – why, because the creator of these tools did not understand that the tasks are not important. They obviously re-implement an misunderstanding that we all had after reading Ken Schwabers first book.

My advise to all these tool people – stop building again and again a new version of an electronic task board. Stop building report creation tools or code tracking systems. We need a new area of Scrum tools: Virtual collaboration tools. We need “second life” type work infrastructures in which people can virtually meet. Skype was a great deal into this direction, but why can I not have

  • Open video conferencing on my desktop with 15 or more people at the same time
  • Touch screens in laptops who would help to draw on the laptop
  • Why do we have not DIN A4 size iphone type touch-desks 

We need tools that enhance communication. 

As long as we have only such clumsy collaboration plattforms like f.e. “live-meeting”, the best we can do is to collocate people and using “hardware” task-boards.


One response to “5 min on Scrum Tools

  1. I think the reason for that is that Scrum is not enough mature to be adequately implemented for people. People are still arguing about even fundamental concepts of Scrum: there is no chance for Scrum to be a technical assignment for development teams.
    Once I’ve read a book of Steve McConnel in chapter 4 (http://www.stevemcconnell.com/psd/04-senotcs.htm) you can read how deep is the difference between understanding and learning and implementing that. Until Scrum gurus exist and needed nobody will succeed in creating Scrum tool. It will look like washing machine created by my grandfather (scientist and very diligent man indeed) in comparison to Electrolux washing machine …

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