35 new ScrumMaster in Belgium | News of the week

Training of the week: We certified 35 new ScrumMasters in Elewijt, Belgium last week. It was a wonderful experience for me to see how many people do already Scrum in Belgium. There is now a growing Scrum community. Maybe we should start an official Scrum User Group in Belgium?

Book of the week: Leading Change, John P KotterLeading Change by John P. Kotter. A book that is 10 years old but a must read for every ScrumMaster and manager who drives change in an organization. It explains very good what needs to be done to change an organization. Most important: Create a “sense of urgency.”

Video of the week: Seth Godin talked about his new book: Tribes A very informative talk. Done by Mixergy. By the way a very interesting blog.  Vodpod videos no longer available.

My presentation of the week: I did give a very short presentation about Scrum for team members this week: 

Tool of the week: I am a fan of mind-mapping since 20 years. I found this week a very good implementation of a collaborative mind-mapping tool: Mindmeisterwww.Mindmeister.com

I use it now since a week and it is a very powerful collaboration tool. You can share mindmaps, you get a generated task list based on all your tasks in all mindmaps you have access to  … try it!


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