A Sense of Urgency | Step 1

(…) Everything I have seen in my work over the years, suggest that the number-one problem they (companies that what to change, boris gloger) is all about creating a sense of urgency—and that’s the first step in a series of actions needed to succeed in a changing world. — John Kotter,A Sense of Urgency, p.13

Kotter is right. We do talk in coaching and trainings, in talks and in discussions over a beer often enough, why people do not change. Why do some teams perform retrospectives and believe they are not useful? Why people run around like chicken and do a lot of activities but reach nothing?

A sense of urgency: Winners first make sure that a sufficient number of people feel a true sense of urgency to look for an organization`s critical opportunities and hazards now. John Kotter,A Sense of Urgency, p.14

The truth is, that most people are not aware about what happens around them. F.e. if we talk about “Done” in some teams the first issues in most cases is that we need to understand that we are working in a failure mode. We first need to see that we now need to act. Every day we do not act, every day we do not change the way we built software makes things worse.

How do we increase the level of urgency in an organization or team? Read more in the next days …


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