5 min on Scrum | The 4. Question in a Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is essential for Teams to perform a good Scrum. But unfortunately it is most of the time performed poorly. We, Certified Scrum Trainers have tried to give you an idea how not to run a daily Scrum two years ago:

The Daily Scrum has evolved to a meeting in which we, the development team, can show the progress to ourselves by using a task-board. Although the task board helps, I still observe wrongly done Daily Scrum again and again.

The most common mistake is that the team member “report” to the ScrumMaster. The ScrumMaster seems to be in charge so he asks questions and tries to get more information from team members. Wrong!!! Stop do it this way. 

The team members shall use this meeting as collaborative planning event for the day. The 3 traditional questions should guide them but never demand a reporting function. 

The three questions shall help you to understand where we as a team are. If I know what you do than I might be able to correct my action to make us more successful and this means faster.

In the last couple of month I developed a 4 questions that every team member shall have in his mind while listening to the other team member:

How can I help you doing your job!

This 4th question will help you to run better and more productive Daily Scrums.

2 responses to “5 min on Scrum | The 4. Question in a Daily Scrum

  1. We answer 4 questions:

    1. What did I accomplish since yesterday
    2. What will I work on today (for us, this is the most important one, as this is where team sees opportunities for helping out)
    3. Do I have any roadblocks
    4. Are we on track for reaching our sprint goal?

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