5 min on Scrum | Daily Scrum (2)

Talking about the 4. question is my way to help teams to understand that we work as a team. I still see everyday team who perform Daily Scrums like giving status meeting to ScrumMasters.

A Daily Scrum is a planning meeting on tactical level. The team plans their day of work. The purpose of this meeting is NOT to show progress to anybody. The purpose of this meeting is to enable collaboration within the team. 

You might now say – “Ok, Boris, so why not having technical discussions in this meeting?” The simple answer is – because it will sidetrack the meeting. The evil of every meeting is, that you do not have a clear agenda. By transforming a Daily Scrum into a technical discussion you do not have a clear goal of the meeting anymore. Run you Daily Scrum and agree on a short technical issues meeting a couple of minutes later.


3 responses to “5 min on Scrum | Daily Scrum (2)

  1. Good point you make here. Scrum meetings quickly degenerate into a free for all when you try to find solutions instead of sorting out collaboration. Teams try to “solve” the issue there and then instead of taking it out of the Scrum, resulting in an inefficient use of the timebox.

    Something interesting I’ve found is that new teams to Scrum go through 3 typical “phases” of communication during the initial Daily Scrum meetings. First they don’t communicate at all, and often need to be prompted; then they communicate too much, resulting in too much “noise” and finally they communicate (as close as possible) to just right, dealing with issues related to team work and collaboration. Have you found anything similar?

  2. I would disagree that the daily scrum isn’t about showing progress to anybody. It absolutely is about that. The team should be saying what they did yesterday, what they will do today and if they have any impediments.

    I do agree, however, about not turning the daily scrum into a technical discussion. There should be minimal collaboration in this meeting, if the team needs to collaborate more during the daily scrums I would argue that they haven’t had a successful sprint backlog session to begin with.

  3. Hi Jason,

    please do not get me wrong – of course the teams shows progress by presenting to each other the accomplishment of a task. But – it is not the purpose of the meeting. The purpose is that we talk to each other to synchronise our activities. If you play Basketball and your are in the 2 min “time-out” it is also not about showing progress, it is about agreeing on the next actions to win the game.

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