Unit Testing: Still Widely Informal / Methods and Tools

I found an interesting information about Unit testing on MethodsandTools.com


Unit Testing: Still Widely Informal

This poll examined how organizations perform unit testing. Is it an informal activity that is done before integration if there is some time left after programming or is it the key element of the development effort? The question was: How is unit testing performed at your location?

Proportion 2008 2006
Unit testing is not performed 17% 13%
Unit testing is informal 40% 46%
Unit tests cases are documented 9% 11%
Unit tests cases and their executions are documented 14% 16%
We use a Test Driven Development approach 20% 14%

Participants: 384 (2006:460) / Ending date: October 2008 (February 2006)

The complete text and the guess why these results are as they are you find here.


One response to “Unit Testing: Still Widely Informal / Methods and Tools

  1. It feels to me like the biggest problem is still that requirements and specs are communicated in such a way that tests are not part of the communication.
    Add to that the idea that design is still a top down effort (and not an emergent property of the team’s effort) and it follows that unit testing is not growing at the rate it should.

    It makes me think sometimes that maybe XP had the right idea; start with the engineering first, and then the project structure and practises. OR maybe I am just putting too much stock by James Shore’s opinion.

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