The Empire Strikes Back | Is Agile (= Scrum) failing | Series

I found a very interesting statement on Crouch, touch, pause…engage.

Recently, I attended the SD Best Practices Conference and I was interested to hear Rick Brenner and Nancy Van Schooenderwoert say this about XP and Scrum:

The technical practices of XP give [teams] a sustained productivity increase, while Scrum practices give a quick productivity boost and then level off.

Knowing that we have again two very famous person of the agile community in front of us. We need to realize that we have another attempt to understand that XP will bring more “sustained productivity.”

I wonder why? Is there a movement against Scrum arising from the agile empire! Now as it starts to realize it is already fallen apart?

I mean to mention that XP gives you the right engineering practices you should follow, is something every Scrum coach on the planet has told everybody since he/she started doing Scrum.

5 responses to “The Empire Strikes Back | Is Agile (= Scrum) failing | Series

  1. My interpretation of this comment (and others I have been hearing swirl around in the Agile community) is that there is a lot of bad Scrum out there; people are out there saying “Yea! We’re doing Scrum and it sucks!” I’ve seen it and tried to urge organizations away from what I call “Social-Only Scrum” – they think Scrum is just about Daily Stand Up Meetings and maybe doing an hour of planning every week\two weeks. IME, that is a disaster waiting to happen if you stick with it long enough. In most cases, people just give up “Social-Only Scrum” with 4 to 6 weeks ’cause there is no value add.

  2. I like your term “Social-Only Scum”, this nearly perfectly describes the situation we were in until about 2 months ago, we were doing the occasional planning, the Daily Stand Up was a mixup of management barking orders and team members showing no interest, our Scrum boards looked like a graveyard where post-it notes went to die. It reached a point where people were saying Scrum was a joke. We’ve luckily turned it around now and taken the approach of doing it by the book, and already I can see the attitudes changing…

    • “Social-Only Scrum” – is this now the next excuse now for non-efficient, dysfunctional ScrumMasters? Rick what you describe is a mess, and why did it happend? If you see that a “Scrum boards looks like a graveyard” why do you not do anything against it? Scrum does not say that self-organization means you can do what you like. Scrum means a development team has the authority to deliver as fast as possible in a very professional way.
      Help your team to be professional.

  3. From my experience with many teams, for most people and particularly managers, Scrum == Team Leads as SM [reporting to managers] + team leads/ SM dividing tasks and giving estimates + individual burn down charts + you take over this for team interest + daily stand up + review where no one speaks – scrum master.

  4. @Boris

    Try not to be so harsh – I’m the one who coined the term “social-only Scrum”. I am sure Rick knows this situation is “challenges”, but if the Team has no desire, or motivation, to act as professionals, then Scrum will create a “mess”. No amount of stand-ups, one-on-ones or cajoling will make them better professionals if they do not have the desire or their management not “really” want it.

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