Weekly updates – Brazilian Scrum Community

From now on, there will be weekly updates here about the Brazilian Scrum community, which Boris is greatly supporting. The main idea is to talk about the discussions, news and recent events of the Brazilian community.

Brazil is a big developing country, and Scrum is the way to go for many companies which trying and succeeding to implement agile practices, Scrum particularly. The community is growing at very fast rates, and is already big. The scrum-brasil list, in Yahoo! Groups, has around 700 members, and counting up. There are local groups organized in Recife/PE, by Scrum enthusiasts around Porto Digital, a cluster of companies with focus on software development.

Another local group which has been very successful is the Rio Grande do Sul/RS, supported by a great local community with more than 400 members, among professionals and students. This week, took place in Recife/PE the 2nd meeting of the local Scrum user-group. With around 30 attendees, the meeting was another success. 

Luciano Felix presented his success case of implementing Scrum in a small software house, talking about the difficulties and overcomings, and then some newbies asked lots of questions about Scrum itself. After that, the group spent an hour talking about the scrum flow, planning, daily meetings, reviews and retrospectives. Many professionals could contribute to the group with their experiences in implementing Scrum, and the meeting was ended with a quick retrospective, which generated valuable feedback, that will be used by the group to improve!

In the scrum-brasil Yahoo! Group, the members were still discussing the James Shore’s post, The decline and fall of Agile, and also spent some time discussing Scrum in high-maturity environments (with CMMi, and MPS.Br – The Brazilian model of maturity). One new member related to the group his experience about implementing scrum in a big health-insurance company, and got some valuable comments from other members.

Manoel Pimentel, which is the editor of the Brazilian version of InfoQ, also discussed about coaching and facilitation inside scrum teams.

The community is also starting up a brand new website –www.scrum.org.br, which featured this week an article about the success of a large TV Network in implementing scrum to develop and maintain its digital presence. As you can see, the community is growing and there are lots of successes cases emerging. See you next week!

Igor Macaubas – http://www.macaubas.com – is one of the coordinators of the Brazilian Scrum community.


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