Operation XMAS 2008


The reindeer had made a terrible mistake. Curious as it was, it opened the bottle and drank the port wine that I had prepared for my friends  in Oslo. Now it was drunken and had a terrible headache. The timing  of the reindeer was really bad! 

In 2 hours we needed to start to deliver the presents to the kids. 

I called 911 and when they came they took the reindeer directly to the Emergency Room. 

Now I `m standing here, holding the hand of my best reindeer and I hope the doctor will be able find out, what we can do. 


          He is drunken!


          Yes – I know. He drank the port wine. 


                                        (To Santa with a very suspicious look)

          Why do you not watch out? How can this happen. I mean, do you not have security policies?

Oh – not again. Since we had the CMMi initiative, everything was soo complicated.


          Yes!  Of course we do have a policy how to handle presents. But the reindeer can not read. Quality Assurance did not understood this. They demand that we do have a warning sign (must be in red color) on the bottle. But is seems that the color attracted the reindeer to have a closer look into it.


          What a stupid process. So – who will deliver the gifts now? 


          What do you mean? I need him fixed.


          You can not fix him! He needs sleep. I put him of duty. 


          No you can not! We have Christmas. I need him – a reindeer has no free time on this day. No way! Fix him.


          It is drunken – It can not drive. It is too dangerous.


          So do something – you are the doctor! You and your people the best medical -TEAM of the world. 


          As you said it is Christmas – I and my colleagues  have already plans for today. We do not have time for this. 


          What – I am in ER and the Job of people here is to fix people. 


          Hm – you mean the other team. We are not the ER team. They are on vacation. We are there christmas replacement. I took this job for tonight, because I thought it would be an easy going job. 


          Well – I don`t care. Your responsibility! You deliver now. It is my most important issue tonight.


          Hm, what do you pay?


          It is not about what I pay! I am SANTA and if you do not help me, we do not deliver gifts to the kids today!


(She makes big eyes)

          Dr. – you are so smart, help SANTA, ok? As sooner you fix it, as sooner you get my present.


(Gets an interested face)

          OK – OK.

DOCTORS gets an infusion from the back of the room, and put the needle  on top of it. The reindeer gets very afraid and shakes. 


          Santa – it has to be calm for a minute.

Santa holds the arm of the Renntier. It gets calm and it looks very confused. The doctor puts the needle into the arm and the infusion flows.


          Ok, reindeer. Now it should be better. You can now drive again. But – It will help only for the next 8 hrs. After this you have to go to bed. I would mean at least for 10 month. 


          That is ok. I only need him  in 12 month. 

——– CUT ———




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