10 Fresh Certified ScrumMaster in Curitba, Brasil

I am very happy to announce that Maringá, Brazil has now 10 Certified ScrumMaster. We, Ana Rouiller (SWQuality) and myself did a very nice CSM Training in Curitiba, Brazil. All people came from Maringá.

The class was special because we had a big chalk board and this created the need for a new way of presentation my content. I had new ideas and so it was a very nice and challenging class.

One interesting aspect I re-created was the idea of “Delaying Decision as last as possible!” Strategic planning teaches people that they should delay decisions always as late as possible. Never try to solve an answer earlier as necessary. Never decide about building a backlog item before the Sprint Planning. Never try to buy an airline ticket early.

The benefit is clear, you are free in your options till the very end. So that is the really work you have to do. Delaying decisions is not – we do not want to decide. Delaying decisions works only if you create as many options as possible, before you actually decide. This is hard work!


3 responses to “10 Fresh Certified ScrumMaster in Curitba, Brasil

  1. Hi,

    I’m one of these Scrum Masters from Maringá, Brazil.
    I was very happy to attend your course. It is one of the best training experiences I’ve ever had.
    I expect to start 2009 putting in practice all the information you have provided me.

  2. Boris course for Certificate Scrum Master is great, he has clarified a lot of doubts I had after studying Scrum for a year, in just two days.

  3. Eduardo Rebola Danielli

    Just like my fellows said, AWESOME training. Straight to the point, no cloud concepts, just facts and real world experiences! Small group, lot of time for Q&A. Thank you Boris!

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