Scrumlies – We Proudly Present

scrumlies_weproudly_01-1On my search for an ideal Scrum-Team I was sitting in libraries, in Cinemas, I walked through hundreds of offices, I was looking for the ideal Scrum-Team at airports and train stations, in subways and in restaurants. I saw Scrum-Teams working when i visited “Kim kocht”, I saw them working during the Football European Championship, I observed Scrum-Teams in Recife, when we renovated an office, I saw them in articles like the HBR article about Pixar I quoted earlier in this blog.

But only when I talked to a grafik designer Jo Legat and my marketing consultant Katrin Dietze, I found them: The Scrumlies. Created by jolegat, the Scrumlies are a Scrum-Team that works in the movie industry. They work for a studio that produces a medical soap opera like Dr. House, ER, Medicopter, and more. F.e. this week they worked on a short story for Christmas “Operation XMAS 2008.” 

Who is this special-forces Scrum-Team? During the next weeks I will introduce the Scrum-Team members. So – Let`s start with the ScrumMaster:

jolegat-gloger-scrum-masterIn the production crew, our ScrumMaster is the director. He wants to make a successful movie. He works with the team, but he only helps the team to perform. This special “director” enables the actors to give their best. He helps them to perform. 

ScrumMaster is 36 years old. He has a lot of experience in the industry. He worked in a lot of movies. He was part of different movie crews and he is recognized as a people person. He likes people. But that does not mean he is an easy person. He can be very direct and demanding. He supports his actors in every aspect but he does not accept if someone is working undisciplined. He does a lot of sports and he is avery active person. He likes free-climbing and he loves to drive his Jeep Wrangler and riding his new Bad Boy Singlespeed.

This ScrumMaster works hard. He is the first person on the set. He is most of the time working at night to make sure that the next day the actors can perform again. He has every day a lot of fights with his boss: The studioboss. He tries to make it easy to work for the producer but that means often a lot of discussion with the producer. He always fights with the environment. Things go wrong, and he makes sure that the set gets fixed as soon as possible. He knows time is money and so he tries to enable more speed.

more tomorrow.


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