We are the Champions – Queen | Emotions and Music

We my team and I had — together with our families — a very nice christmas event Yesterday. We went to the Queen Musical “We will rock you” in Stuttgart.  080618_borisgloger_4c2

I mention this because the show was much more social critical as I expected. They presented a world that is ruled by marketing and commerce, by globalization and internet. The story showed that Rock`n Roll was and is an expression of being free to live your emotions and dreams. For me who, went to his first open air concert, Queen, in Mannheim 24 years ago. Was this musical an reminder how important music is in our life.

I know I was only able to run my first seminar as a trainer because I listened to “Music was my first love”,

and Queen: We are the Champions.

I put the volume as high as possible and then I went to my first class in my life.

I also have to admit, whenever I was frightened, before an exame, a class that I needed to run, or when I needed to do something I had never done before and was afraid about it I tried to listen in my had go Queens: “We are the Champions!” A song that belongs to my life and that helped me to overcome a lot of problems.

Oh – by the way “Another One Bites the Dust” is also very good in case you need to get motivated for the next round 🙂



One response to “We are the Champions – Queen | Emotions and Music

  1. ok – I need to jump in here. I think there is a queen song specially made for product owners.

    It “One Vision” – I think it is on the “It’s kind of magic” album.

    One vision… “a must listen to” for any PO out there 😉

    “One man one goal Har! one mission.
    One heart one soul just one solution
    One flash of light yeah one god one vision”

    and there seems to be Scrum knowledge involved:
    “Just gimme gimme gimme gimme
    Fried chicken”



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