Scrumlies | ScrumMaster | The Art of the Possible

scrumlies_weproudly_01-1The Scrumlies ScrumMaster is a master in a lot of techniques. One speciality of him is the “Art of the Possibility”. He practised this art since he was 14. He has a 5. dan in “The Art of the Possibilities.” He knows a lot about finding new opportunities in crisis and the indefinite space of possibilities (Benjamin Zandler). When he trained Aikido he learned that it is not useful to fight against the problems but with the issues and problems that are part of you life. To use the energy of the opponents will help you to win over them. 


This basic idea of using the energy of a crisis or problem will help you always to find new ideas. Our Scrumlies ScrumMaster managed by applying this to his work life to always empower people. He was able to show people where to go. In this aspect the Scrumlies ScrumMaster is powerful leader. He helps people to see the future and to start to go into this direction. By using the “Art of the Possible”, he manages to lead people step by step from the position they are at them moment to the next step.

In our series he helped for instance the Team to find a new idea for the scene, when the reindeer was ill. (Did we mentioned, that the reindeer was really ill? But now it is happy and in very good conditions again.)

The Scrumlies ScrumMaster has a very good relationship to the Team and to the Product Owner.


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