Scrumlies | Product Owner | Bio


Product Owner

scrumlies_weproudly_01-1We are happy to introduce the Scrumlies Product Owner to you. She is 32 years and has a strong business and movie back ground. When she was a teenager and a young adult she was an well known actress in a couple of tv series and a model for well known brands.

Later, she decided became a producer and went to the other side of the business. She  was and is very successful. When she got the script of the tv show the Scrumlies now produce, she was thrilled. She knew this would rock in the market. There was not hospital tv show that combined elements from Ally Mc Beal, Thirtysomething (Critics) and Dr. House together with CSI NY. 

So she convinced not only the studio boss to do a first episode of this tv show but also found a very good broadcasting company (Scrum Broadcasting Channel) to finance this tv show. 

Our Scrumlies Product Owner lives in Vienna and New York. She got her inspiration from  the fast moving never sleeping city and she loves to work in Vienna because of the professionalism and quality of the people there. She enjoyes going to art and music festivals and she knows the people on the street and the needs of the people who watch tv.

But don´t get a wrong impression – she is interested in making money. She knows all financial data of her production and she can be very upset when the numbers are not as expected.


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