Scrum Retrospectives – Living in the Present

Sprint Retrospectives, Heartbeat Retrospectives or simply Retrospectives are an important part of Scrum and improving our work life.

I described a technique to do this in my slides about Heartbeat Retrospectives and I teach this way in my trainings and in my coaching.

A complete other access to this you find in “The Present” by Spencer Johnson. It is a very nice written book about a person who want to change his life. The distilled message of this book you find in this little wrap that is part of the book:

The Present

Three Ways To Use Your Present Moment
To Enjoy Your Work and Life, Now!

Be In The Present
When You Want Be Happier And More Successful
Focus On What is Right Now.
Respond To What Is Important.

Learn From The Past
When You Want To Make The Present Better Than The Past
Look At What Happend In The Past.
Learn Something Valuable From It.
Do Things Differently In The Present.

Plan For The Future
When you Want To Make The Future Better Than The Present
See What A wonderful Future Would Look Like.
Make Plans To Help It Happen.
Put Your Plans Into Action In The Present.

I like it because it does use the same ideas as the retrospectives.


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