Scrumlies | Interview | Product Owner

gloger-product-ownerI met Product Owner in her apartment in New York. She told about the difficulties and responsibilities of a Product Owner. She have us some insights into what she does on a daily basis.

Boris: Thanks a lot for having some time for us. You have a tight schedule. On what do you work currently?

Product Owner: Oh, we work on the next serial of “On Duty”. The new story line is very very challenging for all of us. We need to understand the life professional software developers working on software for products used in intensive care. Nobody of us had an idea how complicated such a job was. 

Boris: What is your main activity as a Product Owner? 

Product Owner: I believe it is important to tell everybody the Vision of the product again and again. Sure – you have a script, you do have a ScrumMaster who works with the actors. But if I am not there to focus everybody – to tell them the story as I see it in the script, then you do not get a sequel that fits into the whole serial. I need to “see” the next sequel we will do in two weeks already in my head. I need to know what I want to show. Not the details. But the big picture. I work with the screen writers to make sure we get this done on time.

Boris: This means you do the story for the new sequel before doing the work on the set.

Product Owner: : Oh – in a sense. But we do not write the whole script. We do have the ideas for the scenes and we do know what shall happen. But we only write the dialogues and the complete scene a couple of hours before the shots. Sometimes we do this together in the afternoon after the shots of the day. But we also have some scenes already fully prepared. F.e. if a screenwriter has a cool idea for scene at the weekend. He will write it down. It would be stupid not to do this. In some kind this is an insurance. You do not have always great ideas for a scene. To have some in your scene backlog can help to keep the production going.

[… to be continued]


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