Scott McCloud about Vision | Video on

Thanks to again. Garr found a fascinating talk by Scott McCloud. I do have all his books about comics. Very cool and I loved to hear from him what it needs to make a vision: First we need to understand that there are three types of vision:

1. Vision based on what one can not see (unseen and unknowable)
2. Vision based on what has been proven (or has been seen)
3. Vision based on what can be, what may be based on knowledge (but is not yet proven)

gloger-product-owner What we as Product Owners can learn from his talk that creating a Vision is not an easy endevour but needs a four key hard activities.

* Learn from everyone
* Follow no one
* Watch for patterns
* Work like hell

I like these four points because they combine external feedback (1), internal knowledge that you are right (2), the look for patterns in you environment (3) and the one key fact: engagement and a lot of work.


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