5 min on Scrum | Roles | Overview

I got an request last week: I shall write a post about an overview of the Scrum Roles. Here it is:

jolegat-gloger-scrum-masterScrumMaster: The ScrumMaster is the development teams best friend. He protects the Scrum-Team to avoid disturbances. He is responsible for removing impediments of all kinds, and he is responsible for Scrum and all this means. A ScrumMaster gets measured by one simple aspect. Does the Scrum-Teams improves in terms of productivity or not. 

Product Owner: The Product Owner has 5 distinguished responsibilities: gloger-product-owner

  • She cares about the return-on-investment.
  • She cares about the vison of the product.
  • She maintains the Product Backlog in terms of prioritization and return-on-investment.
  • She cares about the acceptance of the deliverable.
  • She builds based on this the Release-Plan.


jolegat-gloger-teamThe Team: The teams responsibilities are very simple to understand if you accept that they do have one main responsibility: They deliver the product increment every sprint, again and again. 

  • Delivery of the product increment.
  • Quality of the product increment.
  • Self-managing of their own work.
  • Authorization to do what ever is necessary.
  • Estimation of Product Backlog Items.

We talk in Scrum about roles  not positions. Everyone can take a set of responsibilities. Then he or she belongs either to the team or acts as Product Owner or ScrumMaster. The important part is, that you need to stay on one side. These roles are containers for conflicting responsibilities.


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