Scrum in the Games industry | Games Focus 2009

Games studios need to find ways to survive the harder and harder business.
Why not using Scrum to overcome the issues of using old and not adequate processes for the games industry.
This presentation shows you why you should use Scrum. It can be very helpful.


2 responses to “Scrum in the Games industry | Games Focus 2009

  1. Boris, thanks for the presentation… went through it and have to agree that the Games industry needs to become more ‘Professional’…

    We are currently doing a lot of custom software development for the gaming industry from South Africa and we have found that the biggest problem with that industry when using traditional methods are the loss of invention…

    This comes from the known ‘Big Mistake’, where the software industry borrowed our methods and more from the manufacturing industry, where they focus on engineering and not invention…

    Scrum is most definitely the way of putting the invention and therefore the creativity back into the Games and Gaming industry… both these industries are reliant on invention and creativity to stay competitive and traditional heavy-weight processes and methods most definitely do not help currently.

    We have seen a most definite turn-around the past few years ourselves, and what you describe did happen… some in the gaming and games industry did indeed become more ‘professional’, yet increased their invention and creativity with the use of Agile and Scrum…

  2. Hi Arrie, thanks for your feedback. I really hope that the game industry will find a better way, as the traditional methods and tools. the question I had during the conference for me was – what if the business will force studios to become large. what, when the business model will work because the publisher will force the studios to become workbenches instead of independent thinking entities? We will see….

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