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I have known VersionOne since I first used it 3 years ago. V1 is a very powerful Scrum Tool that helped a lot of teams all over the world. I refused to do a review so far, because I did want to give other tools a voice. I regard V1 as big player so they do not need my support. I had a nice email conversation with Micheal Leads (V1), and I would like to give you a quick insight into it- Why? Because what he says is absolutely in line with what I do think. A tool will help you, when you know what to use it for. Using a tool will not make you doing Scrum. Only if you know Scrum, if you have done it for several Sprints, go and look if a tool like V1 will help you to be more productive.

Michael said:

The one thing that I see a lot, and what I was reacting to is that a lot of people will be using excel, cards, whiteboards, etc. and say they are not using tools.  Our view is that those things are tools, just like V1 is a tool.

Michael is right – those are tools.

From what we have seen over the years, the most important thing is for the team to work well together – and if they do not, a tool will not be a silver bullet.  And this is why we recommend teams engage with trainers/consultants to ensure they have the skills to deploy and scale agile effectively.

And here he is right again. The problem is not the tool, the benefit maker is also not the tool. The tool might help you to scale, it might help you to organize better what you do.

But it is always important to pick the right tool for the job.  And for teams that have multiple projects, multiple locations, reporting needs, etc., we have seen that the automation and visibility VersionOne provides can accelerate the value teams deliver.  Combine that with the expertise of a trainer, and you have a great chance for success!

That is a point – VersionOne can help people to scale. I totally agree. The prerequisite is that the people know, that not the tool will make them agile.

One more thing we have seen is that when teams start with excel or other spreadsheets, they often build their process around those tools, and then have a hard and costly time scaling.  This is a hidden cost that is often not seen until after an initial pilot project, but is important to consider.

I totally agree. The only aspect is, that you need to make sure, that the teams must select the tools and not management.

V1 does provide a completely free Team product and that all of our products can be deployed locally or in a hosted, on-demand environment.

Check it out! The Team edition ist free!


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