The Team in Brazil | Scrumlies

The Team was in Brazil this week. Doing an episode during Carnival. The Team was invited by a big TV broadcasting company to visit Galo do Madruga in Recife. A spectacle similar to the carnival in Cologne but in 35 degrees Celsius and frevo songs the whole day.

I was able to talk to the nurse on the truck about her role in the series:

Me: What is exactly the way you and the others prepare for an episode?
Nurse: You know! We do more a kind of an improvisational theater play. We work now since 2 years together and all of us know each other. So there is no need to talk all the time. You know what the other will do in the next moment.

Me: But you have a script, do you?
Nurse: Oh, sure. But the script is regarded as a suggestion. It is not like a fixed plan. We prepare the scene in a way that we talk it through and we know who will do what in general, but  then we just play.

Me: How do you know that it is ok?
Nurse: Oh, we deliver the best we can, always. We are professional actors. We prepare, we improve ourselves all day and we try to be perfect. But we are humans. Not every day is the same as the other. Some scenes are exeptionally good, others are average. But for a whole epsisode you do not need just exeptional quality. You need a good mix of it all.

Me: Who leads your team? The ScrumMaster?
Nurse: No, not at all. He only makes sure that we can deliver. He helps us to improve. He fixes the issues at the set and he reminds us what we wanted to do. He is a big help, but he does not lead the team. In improvisational theater the lead changes all the time. Someone has an idea, and he takes a lead. You notice when the idea is over because the drive is gone, and then … someone else of us takes the lead and brings us to the next idea.

Me: Thank you very much for this interview.
Nurse: Pregada.


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