Scrum in Brazil: 10 companies using Scrum and CMMi/MPS.Br

Boris Gloger and Ana Roullier, from SWQuality, started a pioneering consulting work for a group of 10 companies in the countryside of Paraná/Brazil, in the city of Maringá. Boris  and Ana are mixing and matching their huge knowledge of Scrum, CMMi/MPS.Br, software quality and Agile processes, with the main goal of increasing the competitiveness of these companies, turning them into mature and agile companies.

At the beginning of December, two companies in Maringá (SG Systems and DB1) joined the initiative, and according to the main stakeholders of the project, in less than two weeks both companies already started to benefit and feel the taste of their first successes. The other 8 companies of the group will start the work in January/2009.

Throughout January SWQuality had been visiting companies in the area of Porto Digital, a cluster of ITC companies located in Recife/PE, looking for companies interested in the same program. The idea was to start another group of ten companies in February.

The methodology which is being adopted isn’t focused in the certification, but in increasing the quality, maturity and productivity of these organizations. The CMMi or MPS.Br appraisals will be the consequence of the work developed with Boris and SWQuality‘s guidance.

Boris Gloger shared some thoughts about what is going on in Maringá:

Brazil really impresses me. In this last week we started consulting works mixing and matching Scrum and CMMi in a group of companies in the countryside of Paraná/Brazil, in the City of Maringá. The most incredible fact was, that after only 8 hours of consulting, those companies already started using Scrum. Today, Ana Roullier, my partner in this project, called the companies to understand the whereabouts of the project, and according to her – Wow! – believe me, we already have the first good results. I’m impressed with the easiness and willingness of the Brazilian companies in accepting new ideas and making the necessary cultural changes required to grow and brew these ideas. Really, Brazil impresses me (Boris Gloger).

By Igor Macaubas – – he is one of the coordinators of the Brazilian Scrum community.


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