Tom Peters Seminar – Crazy Times call for crazy Organizations

I STRONGLY recommend to read “The Tom Peters Seminar” by Tom Peters. This book talks about creating small, fast companies that rely on their network. Tom Peters calls them Rolodex companies and network companies.  He talks about the “new” (1994) business that arrives and about companies that value their people, that shut down their headquarters. He talks about a vertical way of doing business together.

Tom has seen it all coming. The internet, the way companies should work together — he has seen the importance of fear free business cultures and a lot more.

If you want to know what we need to do to build the a _Scrum Organization_ then he has already given us the best ideas for the things we need to do. With Scrum it will be possible to do all this in a very structured way. Ken´s basic idea to use Scrum to make all this happen is expressed in the name of his domain: and is still valid. Again … let´s “transform the world of work.”

Toms current book — RE-IMAGINE, talks about that all this is still not done. He fights with 80 seminars a year and talks and talks and talks to make it happen … the new organization.


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